Friday, 14 December 2012

Layouts - Assignments 03/04

Well, parts of assignments 03 and 04.  Halves of them.

I created a new station (西山本駅), stop number 32 on the non-existant 勇気線 of the Tokyo Metro  system.  It was somewhat inspired by the misadventures of myself and my friend Sarah, when we were riding train on the Keisei line and suddenly it became some other train on some other line and we ended up being who knows where... at least we got back. 

Monday, 10 December 2012

Storyboarding Leica Reel - Class prompt

From class prompt "It's Coming"

The duckie made me do it...

Maya Animations 3 & 4

I see the end of the semester liiiiiight

Neither of these rigs are mine, they were done up by our school technical staff!

Assignment 3 - Dog walk

Assignment 4 - Something about stairs and and a chair and this dude being part of those two objects

A accurate reflection on how I've felt some days :D