Sunday, 5 February 2012

Painting - Master Copy

HAH, take that gouache.

Object of the assignment was to re-create a production background from a cartoon show. That made my inner child was very happy.

Once upon a time, when I was a young thing, I went to an animation art gallery in Kingsway Garden Mall (Edmonton, AB). The woman at the desk told me all about how to make an animation cel, and about the process of creating animation artwork (she had a Fred Flintstone cel bundle with her), plus backgrounds, etc. I took my new found knowledge, and all my money, stomped over to the stationary store across the street from my house, bought sheet protectors, watercolour and oil paints, the thinnest pen liner I could find, and WENT TO WORK stinking up my bedroom with oil paints for a good year. My favourite show at the time was Samurai Pizza Cats, so I sat in front of the TV and paused the VCR at all of my favourite scenes/images, and drew them all out, then tried to make cels and backgrounds and LOL *facepalm*

They were all pretty bad, but I got better!

This was my last one :) I was so happy with it I bought a frame for it LOL. Check out that hole punching!

Paint chipped on the cel :( sheet protector is so weak. I coloured the BG in watercolour on plain paper and for some reason I thought the woman had told me cel paint was like oil paint, so I painted that on the sheet protector (took eons to dry).


I still love Samurai Pizza Cats, and at some point in time in my life I picked up a few original production materials from the show. Painting task was to re-create it.

The original cel & hand painted BG - Polly, Francine, at the front counter of the restaurant.

The BG on it's own (I could pull it out from the cel bundle).

AND the replica! I put a lot of effort into that >____>. I also put in the counter and debris (my teacher's suggestion) to give the room volume.

I didn't notice at all on the original that there is a slight angle, I only caught it when I saw the scan, oh well!

Aaaand the mess. I sit at the back in painting class because I occupy two desks and two chairs somehow when I paint D:

Today, happy inner child is happy.

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