Monday, 26 March 2012

Whee Digital Painting

Our painting teacher let us paint digitally... I've never painted digitally before... like "painted". I colour and do line art digitally, painting is something else for me though. It turned out nicely ^^ I tried to see what would happen if I didn't use black lines anywhere.

Ohhh for many reasons I'm looking forward to the last painting assignment. Cel + BG = something I've always wanted to do! (says the former cel collector).


  1. Oh man... so scared of painting classes. Haven't done any color painting since like elementary school, let alone digital painting :/

  2. Late reply is laaate.

    Painting class was not something I was expecting to be as cumbersome as it is/was (and I came in knowing how to paint ><). Be it digital or traditional, there's a lot of thought and understanding needed for it. And lots of prep work. Phew.