Monday, 13 May 2013

Background Reproduction Project

Wait, where's all the school work?  I'll get to that... this was my weekend project though :)

I was told I needed to make amends with my arch nemisis: gouache; so I thought I'd give some love to a small and lonely inbetween cel from Samurai Pizza Cats (that I got as a freebee ages ago) and paint a background for it!  Learning + Fun = Good Times

Screen Cap.  This is the ultimate goal for my lonely little A6 inbetween.  Not sure I want to do that yellow pipe overlay though...

Old scan of the cel (current scanner is unplugged).  Francine and the curtain are just sort of floating there.

Some print outs of the screen cap (to get the right size) and pencilwork later, I have a BG that lines up.  I referenced a few wider shots from the same scene to figure out what details were beyond the TV cutoff.

The watercolour paper was too wide to feed through my printer, so some transfer paper and tracing later, it's ready to go.

Some masking fluid used for lighter colour safety zones.  Wish I had an airbrush set.  Other than the sign, my original SPC BGs tend to be airbrushed in their wide colour spots.  It would have been less traumatizing than doing washes LOL.

Progress.  Changed the colour of the parlour counter. 


And done :D
That blasted deep blue overhang was frustrating.  Kept having to wash over it to smooth it out (airbrush > wash).  Can't really notice the gradient too much anymore :/ oh well.  More or less happy with it :D

Victory shot.

I trimmed off some of the bottom so it would squeeze into the cel bag.  Package it all up and my lonely little cel isn't so lonely anymore :D

So other than developing a new arch nemisis (deep blue), I've learnt that I cannot drink coffee then paint details LOL.  My hand becomes too unsteady. 

Project completed.

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